"An aspiring Lean, Mean Content Writing Machine!"

Hi, I’m Renata.

Excuse me for being Captain Obvious, but…I love to write.

To me, content writing means so much more than a required word count about a topic in a particular niche. It’s the art of expressing a perspective in words that speak to a specific demographic, and encourages them to take action.

I choose to be descriptive to motivate the reader to use their imagination rather than use high-quality photos that add visuals but only tell 1/3 of a story. Also, I always write with the target audience in mind.


Renata Barton-B2B Blogger and Web Content | Renata Barton Writer

After completing a ‘technical and business’ course in college some years ago, my interest in professional writing was born. I didn’t know where to start, nor did I know how to get my feet wet. Since blogging was becoming a new trend, I jumped on the bandwagon and wrote many personal blog pieces.


Then an epiphany happened…


One day, I asked myself, “How can I make this a career?”

In the beginning, I was struggling to find out how to break into the industry. There had to be a way but I had no idea what it was. I would read the success stories of accomplished writers and wondered how they started in the industry.

But after countless days, months, and years of practice on free blogs (and in a number of writing marketplaces), I switched from being a casual blogger to a professional content writer. Although I don’t consider myself an expert, I’ve learned some valuable lessons during my journey. 

What I Do and Why I Do It

The What: I contribute written content in various forms. I specialize in providing material and also other types of media for startups.

The Why: Growing startups need written content—a lot of it.

Helping fellow professionals, such as your self, find their brand voice and tone, especially to make a mark among their established competitors, is what motivates me. For as long as they need a professional to create effective content in a timely manner, my mission will continue.

I want to know more about your startup, business plan/goals, and how you envision your brand’s image. On what level do you want your startup to be five years from now? Are you hopeful to secure a position among well-known brands that continue to thrive?

If you’re currently in need of an abundance of fresh content, and you want a dedicated writer on deck regularly, I’ve got you covered.