Many new bloggers don’t know how or where to seek resources to help them build their status. However, blogging means more than publishing a specific amount of posts every month. Although volume does matter, it should be a second priority to writing well and gaining exposure.

There are two crucial factors related to blogging: Writing Skills and Marketing.

Poorly written blog posts are rarely successful and taken seriously. While individuals may have significant knowledge of a particular topic, their content could be challenging to understand if their writing needs work. One key to gaining a large audience is to write relatable content that resonates with readers. The more relatable you are, the more readers you will acquire and the more returning visitors you will have.

Marketing can bring exposure, sales, and followers/readers using practical, effective methods. Organic promotion is acceptable, but some individuals need a push by paying a small fee to display their website or blog to a specific demographic. However, engagement is a significant factor in becoming a famous blog influencer.

So, are you ready to learn how to write engaging blog posts and market your content successfully?


Then let’s get you started!

Check out what books I recommend! Not only are they popular among individuals who want to break into blogging, but they can also 1) help you become a better writer and 2) teach you how to promote your blog effectively:

The English Grammar Workbook for Adults

By – Michael DiGiacomo

This book teaches readers how to grasp basic English while helping them gain the ability to write comprehensively.


Sentence structure, spelling, and grammar are only three subjects the author covers.

You will learn that blog posts pop better when well-written and understandable to readers.

Whether you’re learning English or fluent in the language, this book is perfect for improving your writing skill.

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The 1-Page Marketing Plan

By – Allen Dib

Ever wonder how you can earn a sizable income, attract many readers, and stand out from other bloggers?

It seems like everyone and their mother want to be successful bloggers, but not everyone can successfully market themselves and their brand.

Or perhaps they have no idea where to start. Of course, this doesn’t mean that learning how to do so is impossible.

Basic techniques and valuable advice are all you need to get your foot into the blogging world.

Learning how to market your blog can help you gain the exposure you want and become financially comfortable, even when you aren’t blogging.

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BoNus Recommendation!


Blogging for Dummies:7th Edition

By – Amy Lupold Bair

No experience in blogging? No problem!

The author provides valuable advice to individuals who want to dive into the blogging world.


From topic ideas to writing relatable posts, you can start your blog sooner than you may think and level by blogging consistently.

If you are clueless about blogging, this book was written with people like you in mind!

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